For Retailers

Retailers are our top top-priority customers

Our company has got the exclusive investment banking expertise in Russian retail sector.

Collaboration with retail chains is our most important strategic priority.

  • Our team members started to do business in Russian retail sector in 2007 - more than
    10 years ago.

During these years much has been done to establish a mutual understanding with industry consolidators as well as with potential M&A target companies.

  • We made contacts with more than 250 retail chains, of which more than 50 continued the dialogue.

  • Since June 2011 our company has closed 11 transactions in food retail.

In addition to closed deals, we did a large number of unfinished projects, what brought us a really deep understanding of the sector and very rich experience.

We continue to work closely with the sector consolidators. Also, we keep on searching for retail assets ready to be sold to consolidators on reasonable terms.